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International Music Festival of Valencia

The International Music Festival of Valencia is a cultural and an educational project that offers concerts, music courses, workshops, conferences and masterclasses for a large variety of instruments. The festival brings to Valencia teachers from the world best known musical institutions and concert soloist from the best orchestras in the world. This festival greatly enriches the musical scene of the Valencia Region.


Music courses

The main goal of this project is to improve the musical education of our young students, bringing the best teachers to share with them their knowledge and experiences. The courses are focused mainly on the musicians of Valencia but are open for all who are interested in participating.


Another important goal of this Festival is to invest in quality musical culture. We will have some of the best teachers and musicians, who will perform in concerts where all of our students will also take part.

Extra activities

We will offer workshops, conferences, masterclasses and more, for all students who want to improve their musical abilities with the help of correct breathing methods, relaxation exercises, musical psychology, physiotherapy and more.


The program includes a string orchestra, a symphony orchestra, wind ensembles, a brass band and chamber music groups. The students of FIMValencia will perform as part of these musical groups at the closing concert on the 6th of July. They will participate in daily rehearsals to develop and improve their group playing skills.


We will also offer other activities such as displays by musical shops, where the students will be able to check and test instruments and buy different products for the instrument, during the week of the festival.

Direction of FIMValencia


The International Music Festival of Valencia was founded in 2017 and since that year we brought to Valencia 19 international teachers and artists from 7 different countries and had more than 120 students.


Since 2008, with the help of several music associations among them the "La Unió Musical de Catarroja" and the "La Lira Almussafense", we have organized festivals, concerts, courses and masterclasses, while developing and improving our organizational skills.


Thanks to the support of these associations, we are able to organize our events with the participation of such highly professional artists and teachers.

  • Javier Cantos, Debuty Principal trumpet at the Finnish National Opera Orchestra

  • Javier Navasquillo, Solo trumpet at the Orquesta Camerata de Coahuila, Méjico

  • Tamas Davida, Solo trumpet at the orquesta de la Comunidad Valenciana

  • Luis Gonzalez, trumpet professor Conservatorio Superior de San Sebastian, Musikene

  • Paul Merkelo, Solo trumpet at the Montreal Orchestra, Canada

  • Vicente Campos, Trumpet professor at the Conservatorio superior de Castellón

  • Miguel Ángel Navarro, Trumpet professor at the Conservatorio superior de Castellón

  • Esa Tapani, Horn professor at the University of Frankfurt.

  • Tommi Viertonen, Principal Horn at the Finnish National Opera Orchestra.

  • Inmaculada Torres, Horn Professor at the Conservatorio superior de Castellón

  • Vicente Navarro, Horn professor at the Conservatorio superior de Castellón

  • Jose Antonio Soria, Horn player collaborating in many national and international orchestras

  • Jesús Sánchez, Horn of the orquesta de la Comunidad Valenciana

  • Antonio Zapata, Trombon of the banda municipal de Valencia

  • Pep Burguera, Euphonium winner of the Jeiju competition in Korea

  • Miguel Moreno, Tuba professor at the Conservatorio superior de Castellón

  • Johannes Peitz, Clarinet professor at the Conservatorio de Hannover

  • Javier Ros, Bass clarinet at the orquesta de la Comunidad Valenciana

  • Veera Mylyniemi, Clarinet of the Finnish National Opera Orchestra

  • Sergi Rodrigo, Clarinet teacher at the conservatorio de Ibiza and member of the Adda orchestra

  • Gustavo Núñez, Fagot Solo basson at the Concertgebouw Orchestra

  • Asko Padinki, Solo basson at the Finnish National Opera Orchestra

  • Amelia Coleman, Oboe and english horn of the Finnish National Opera Orchestra

  • Cristian Moré, Principal oboe of the Tampere Filharmonic Orchestra (Finland)

  • Francisco Salanova, Oboe professor at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Valencia​

  • Jin-ah Lee, Flauta, flute collaborating in many international orchestras.

  • Yuki Koyama, Flute professor at the Sibelius Academy of Helsinki and Principal Flute at the Finnish Radio 

  • Sara Bayona, Violin of the Camerata de Coahuila, Méjico

  • Tal Riva Theodorou, Principal Viola at Pori Sinfonieta y West Eastern Divan Orchestra

  • Aida Velert, Piano teacher at the Conservatorio de Valencia.

Qualified counsellors

We have a qualified team of counsellors who will take good care of all the needs and requirements of our students as well as ensuring the proper functioning of FIMValencia.

Yolanda Martínez

Johnatan Coll

Ángela Suey

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