FIMValencia® 2019

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For whom are these courses offered?

The Courses of the FIMValencia 2019 are offered to all music students or professional players who are interested in expanding their musical knowledge.


This year’s program will include courses for violin, viola, violoncello, French horn, trumpet, trombone, clarinet, flute, oboe and basson.


We also offer a semi active participation program for several other instruments such as Double Bass and tuba. Students registering for this program will be able to join orchestra rehearsals, chamber music lessons and all of the extra activities that the Festival offers.


When are the lessons taking place?

The courses of wind and string instruments of FIMValencia 2019 will take place on the first week of July, from the 2nd to the 6th (5 days) from 10:00 tol 18:00 with a lunch break. On Thursday ,July 4th, lessons will finish at 14:00.


Where will the lessons take place?

The program will take place at the school "IES Ausiàs March", Calle Teruel, 46940 Manises, Valencia (SPAIN).

What are the registration fees for the programs?

The prices of the wind and string programs are 175€ (VAT Incl.).

It is possibile to register as a semi-active student, and the price will be reduced by 50% (85€).


The string instruments students have the possibility of combining the registration to the course with the registration to the competition, adding the price of the competition (25€) to the price of the course registration.


What is included in the FIMValencia program?

Registration to the FIMValencia 2019 will allow the student to participate in all the group lessons taught by the instructor of each  instrument.


The students ACTIVE will get 5 individual lessons of 30 min each. The registration as a SEMI-ACTIVE student will not include the individual lessons.


All the students will have the chance to participate actively in all the workshops and extra activities that the Festival offers. They will also be able to take part in the different orchestras, ensembles and chamber music groups of the Festival. All students will perform at the final concert, on the 6th of July.


The registration does not include traveling, food and accommodation for the students.



The competition is a separate event from the International program and does not include the activities mentioned above.


The registration to the competition costs 25€ (VAT Incl.) and the event will take place on the 7.7 at the Teatro del “Centro Cultural El Casino” de Quart de Poblet (Calle Joanot Martorell, 13, 46930).

For more information about the competition, please visit the competition page.