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FIMValencia 2024

FIMJunior, a version of our festival adapted for young music students, bored between 2010 and 2017, both included, and with 1 year until 7 years of instrument studies.

Starting Tuesday July 16th till Saturday July 20nd 2023, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Conservatorio Superior de  Música de Valencia, being able to finish sooner depending on the activities of each student.

Places are limited and will be given in the order of registration. Once the limit of places is reached, a waiting list will be created.





Students will receive each day a collective instrument lesson, group rehearsals and activity workshops such as Yoga, Pilates or Alexander Technique (to determinate). In addition, between lessons and activities, they will be learning other apects of music together with a music education teacher. 

The number of individual lessons that the student receives will depend on the type of enrollment.

Enrollment Types:


  • Price: 219€

  • 5 Individual lessons of 30 minutes


  • Price: 319€

  • 5 Individual lessons of 60 minutes


  • All students will participate in the closing concert of the FIMJunior, on Saturday, July 20 at 1:30 p.m. at the auditorium of the Conservatory.


Payment methods:

  • Payment can be made with a card payment or by manual transfer.

  • Payment by card has a extra comission of 5€.

Cancellation insurance:

  • The price of the cancellation insurance is €30.

  • If for any reason you have to cancel your attendance at FIMJunior 2024, you will be refunded the amount paid in full, minus the amount of the cancellation insurance and a transfer fee of €5.

  • The cancellation insurance will be valid until June 30 included. The cancellation insurance will cease to be valid on July 1st. Cancellations made on July 1 or later will not be refunded the amount paid.

Lunches and meals:

  • The restaurant-cafeteria of the facilities will be open and available to students throughout the festival.

  • During the lunch break, Students can go to the cafeteria. At all times they will be accompanied by the teacher and they will not leave the facilities of the festival venue.


  • The festival will have accommodations available for the student and a parent or legal guardian that needs it.

  • The arrival date will be Monday, July 15 in the afternoon and the departure date will be Sunday, July 21 in the morning.​​


  • Double rooms with breakfast included. Price: €600/room.

  • The hotel is to be confirmed and we will announce it before registration opens. The hotel will be at a maximum distance of 30 minutes walking from the FIMValencia headquarters.

  • The festival organization is not responsible for any damage or harm caused by students in the accommodation.​​

  • The festival organization is not responsible for the students during the journey to or from the hotel.

  • Per contractar-ho, podeu contactar-nos a través de whatsapp.


Other information:

  • We will have a guarded room available to leave the instruments during the day.

  • All students will receive a festival t-shirt.

  • The FIMJunior professors are different from the FIMValencia 2024 profesors and they will be made up of qualified professionals with experience teaching music young musicians.

  • The distribution of the lessons will be carried out by the organization of the festival. If a student needs to change a class, they must do so directly with their classmates.

  • If a student arrives late or does not attend any lesson, the lesson will not be recoverable in any case.

  • The minimum needed to open a specific instrument course is 3 students per instrument. If the minimum amount is not reached, the student's parents will be contacted and will be refunded the full amount.

If you need more information, visit our section Frequently asked questions

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