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Terms and Conditions


Below are the terms and conditions related to registration for FIMValencia 2024 (VIII edition) and FIMValencia "Junior" 2024, which will be held from July 16 to 20, 2024 (both inclusive) at the Superior Conservatory of Music " Joaquín Rodrigo" of Valencia, C/ de Ricardo Muñoz Suay, s/n, 46013 Valencia, Spain. 


The Valencia International Music Festival 2024 is an event organized by the "FIMValencia Cultural Association" (G40595092) and under the direction of Jose Luis Cortell Añó, Jose Miguel Rodrigo Dorce and Jose Antonio Soria under the registered trademark name FIMVALENCIA.

Activities included in FIMValencia 2024

Enrollment in FIMValencia 2024 entitles the student to participate in the intensive music course that will be held from July 16 to 20 at the "Joaquín Rodrigo" Superior Conservatory of Music in Valencia.

Enrolling in these courses include the following activities:

  • All active students will attend daily group classes of the chosen specialty, complementary activities and will be part of one of the FIMValencia 2024 groups. The number of individual classes will depend on the type of enrollment chosen.

  • "Hearing" students will not receive individual classes.

  • Attend the concerts that will be held within the framework of the festival itself.

  • If required, the organization will prepare and deliver a diploma certifying completion of the course in PDF format.

The discount for brass instruments until April 7 is limited to 5 people per specialty.


  • The organization has a civil liability insurance contracted during the days of the festival at the FIMValencia headquarters

  • The FIMValencia organization is not responsible for the damages and damages that the student may cause to other people or institutions during the week of the festival.

  • The Organization of FIMValencia is not responsible for damages and damages to the student's material objects during the festival week.

  • The Organization of FIMValencia is not responsible for the health and well-being of students inside or outside the center.

Right of withdrawal:

  • Registered students may exercise their right of withdrawal during a period of 14 calendar days, counting from the date of entry into the account, in accordance with the provisions of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, which approves the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws. 

  • The refund in the customer's account as a result of this return, will be made within 14 calendar days from the receipt of the withdrawal document and €5 will be deducted for management expenses in the transfer.

  • In any case, this right of withdrawal will not exist from 14 calendar days before the start of the Festival (from June 30th, 2024 inclusive).

  • In the event that, for any reason, one or more of the planned activities cannot be held, this circumstance will not generate any right to a refund, but the time that would have been dedicated to the canceled activity will be invested in other activities of a similar nature. . Similarly, the replacement of some teachers by others will not generate any right to reimbursement, as long as they are teachers of the same quality.

Illness or indisposition:

  • If a student cannot attend the festival due to illness or other force majeure, they will not be entitled to a refund of the registration fee. In return, and because of not being able to fully enjoy FIMValencia 2024, this student will receive an exclusive discount of 10% for registration for FIMValencia 2025. This right to discount will not apply if the festival has already started at the time of notification.  

  • If a teacher is unable to attend the festival due to illness or other force majeure reasons,   will be replaced by one of a similar professional level.


  • Those students who do not follow the instructions set by the Organization, as well as those who show behavior that does not conform to the minimums that all coexistence requires (lack of respect for teachers or classmates, damage to things or people, etc. .) may be separated from the development of the course immediately, by the Organization (without prejudice to the damages for which they or their legal representative may have to respond). In the case of minors, the Organization will contact their legal representative (according to the statement made in the authorization for minors delivered).

Authorization for the use of images:

By accepting the terms and conditions, permission is granted to the Organization of FIMValencia  to take photographs or Video of the Festival: (The concept "image" includes video, still photography or other means of capture, in digital format, paper or of another type, and any means of recording or reproducing the captured images can be used)


And hereby, I authorize the entity to use and publish the image(s) or Video(s) for the purpose of public or private dissemination of the act:

  • Valencia International Music Festival

  • From July 16 to 20, 2024 in Valencia

  • Individual classes, group classes, concerts, contests, exhibitions, rehearsals and during all the activities that take place within the FIMValencia 2024 schedule.


I and my successors or assigns hereby release the center and its employees, and any other person involved in my care, and their successors and assigns, from all liability for any claims for damages or compensation arising out of the authorized activities for this agreement.

Web Privacy:

  • The collection of information on this website will be done only in the ways specified in this statement.

  • FIMValencia collects the information through our website when the registration is made. The personal information given to FIMValencia through our website when registering will never be transferred to third parties. Unprocessed registration information will be destroyed.

  • The information collected will not be used to create customer profiles based on visit or purchase histories.

  • If our privacy policy changes, you will be informed via email or on our website.

  • We are allowed to send marketing emails to inform about the activities we organize. You can unsubscribe from these emails at any time.

  • Commitment to confidentiality and data protection

  • For the purposes of the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the protection of personal data, we inform you that the data collected in our forms will have the sole purpose of being able to serve your requests. They will not be used in any other case for any other purpose, nor will they be delivered in any case to third parties, in accordance with the principles of protection of personal data of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13.

  • The right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition may be exercised by sending the corresponding letter to

  • By registering for FIMValencia 2024 or FIMValencia "Junior" 2024, I agree to these terms and conditions.

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